Turin footballers have had any concern and escorted back to Cagliari in Sardinia pětigólovým debacle. Twice he pushed Belotti, one goal noticed Ljajic, Benassi and Basell. Honest success of the guests who have played the 58 minutes without the excluded Dessen, arranged Melchiorre.

Cagliari was not in the north of Italy without a chance, before this Energybet match could boast interesting way, but any hope of a point profit suffered serious cracks in the very opening act. Already in the third minute triggered gólostroj Andrea Belotti, who got behind the defense and twice surpassed Storariho. Just a few minutes later he guided the ball into the center Ljajic and with flowing Storariho overcame a second time. Sardinians subsequently settled the game, but they were not able in any way jeopardize the goal of Joe Hart. In addition, after 38 minutes, another goal came home, Marco Benassi showed another beautiful Energybet bonus morning and Storari stretched in vain. Since the disastrous half the guests finally rescued quick goal hlavičkujícího Federica Melchiorriho. Turin dominated the first half 3: 1, so that in the latter added another goal.

After 52 minutes it was 4: 1 for the home. Granata showed handsome action and defensive Cagliari turned into a training cones. Defense Storariho left completely in Energybet the lurch and Daniele Basell got the ball into the net. To make matters worse, 58 minutes fouled in his own missed Dessen and judges not only whistled a penalty kick, but the experienced midfielder are excluded. Andrea Belotti his second goal of the game had increased to 5: 1 and Sardinians still waiting for hard times. Paradoxically, but domestic pressure ceased. Granata had Energybet not added another goal and eventually won “only” 5: 1st