“It was a shuffle next door. Something unnecessary that you could see on the starting field. It’s not a good idea to go 24 hours at the end of the season, when the teams do not have enough money. I know a lot of teams that had a car ready for 12 hours but have no budget for 24 hours and did not come, “says Enge.

It was said that the first 24-hour Czech was born” violently “. The race was originally only half a day. But in the summer the foreign organizer of the series decided to double the portion. It was not a problem for the circuit, and so everything was reported to the teams.

Result? Instead of the expected 50 cars, they appeared in Brno 26.

Enge was not in a critical view by himself. Right next to his box is the Scuderia Prague team, which eventually won when he left 3,490 kilometers (646 rounds).It is as if you went out of Brno in a single day to Moscow and back.

Joseph Kral also raced for this stable, saying: “The teams learned about the change during the season, and that’s bad. Teams calculate and costs over twelve hours are more than twice as high. The car is nearly ejected after 24 hours. And the weather also plays a role because in mid-October there is a huge risk in the Czech Republic that it will send the 1xbet mobile car somewhere to the barrier because of it. And he does not want to risk anyone. ”

Then he smiles and says,” But I’m glad it’s gone, because it can become a tradition in the Czech Republic. ”

I see how I smile too. I will not hide. I have a weakness for Le Mans. I guessed him, like anybody who had ever lived in his magic spell.And if they ask me what kind of Formula 1 race I would recommend to them, I answer: “None! Go to Le Mans. You’ll enjoy a lot more money for that. ”

There’s a big party out there. The track is lining the fire, sleeping in the tents in the tents, grilling here. There are rock concerts here. Almost a quarter of a million people do not leave the circle for at least 24 hours.

Now they are two hours after midnight. The thermometer shows seven above zero, which is a good number against predictions, and I’m walking on one of the natural tribunes of the Brno circuit. There are “lights” on the track, but there are only a few brave ones in the auditorium.

Five built tents, two burned fires, heated by four men.And he tells me they’re more of a curiosity. That they wanted to experience the atmosphere of the circuit at night. And they will go home to sleep at the morning. And while there is an open 24-hour sausage and alcohol stand, it is deserted and empty.

There are several cars where other people are sleeping.

No, compare Le Mans and his Czech newborn sibling would not be fair. As if you were a football Premier League and a Czech league. Missing name, quality, yet you feel – like football – that there is something from DNA Le Mans.

turn the two riders on the first bar. It’s not just a demonstration of the reliability that the French Le Mans have set up, but also about speed, sprint.There is not nearly an hour when the line commissioners (who are going to change in two shifts 140) did not give some of the crews a penalty for taking a curve with the car as they went off the track. Chasing tenths.

After only 12 minutes, not even the percentage dropped, the first car ends in Brno due to the failure. In the meantime, the fastest cars wander between those who are back round. And which is blatantly called “bushes”. Finally, the difference between the first and the last classified car is 238!

Just a bug – especially at night – and even from the first place you’re out of the game. Riders alternate usually after an hour and a half, with three teams in the team. When Joseph Kral gets out of Ferrari before midnight, he is pale.He wants a bed.

So he volunteers for an interview free bets in which he tells of a night ride in the dark woods of the woods. “Cars are shining well. What made me think was the fireworks on the platform. Still scattering photographers’ lightning. “The physiotherapist refuses to massage, preferring to sleep in the caravan for three hours before going back to work. Prosper.

Tomas Enge goes nonstop. The car was having problems, so Enge is in the car for five hours at night. In the boxing, he joins redbullies, he does not sleep. “The twenty-four-hour test is a test of man that lasts. But adrenaline keeps you pumping, keeping you on guard, alive, strong enough to race, “he says.

He once went to Le Mans, got into the car and set out on a 1400-kilometer sail home.Drinking energy drinks on the way. “And at home he was looking at the ceiling for half a day.”

It’s almost noon now. The end is coming up, he’s being out of sight, circles under his eyes, yet he knows: “When you get down to the finish, you feel incredible merriment.”

Fit is the King. While the mechanics at midnight cut the huntsman and the cucumbers in the boxes, he poured powders into them, and the last week’s sickness felt weakened. After the morning is excited, and if his team has a lead, he cuts off a quick lap. Then it will be a risk. He likes to slow down for two-thirds, remembering this year’s Le Mans, where Toyota lost the victory due to the technique six minutes before the end.

And there’s a 24-hour spell there.

Does it also get used to Brno? It seems like yes.Next year, the race should go in May, which would attract competition and be more welcoming to the audience.

So, why would “trample” be a tradition?